New Jersey LED Garden Lighting

When you walk around your yard and garden during the day, your attention is immediately drawn to the deep green of your shrubs, the vivid colors of your plantings and the shapes of the intricate branches on your beloved trees. When the sun goes down, you do not have to resign yourself to waiting for another day to continue to enjoy your garden or receive the positive vibes your landscaping brings along with a sense of Zen and peace.

We’ve all been to an evening engagement where blooms and bushes are illuminated. In such settings, you instinctively notice how magical it is to enjoy these colors and shapes throughout the evening or as you awaken before dawn.

Now close your eyes and imagine your own garden and grounds after dusk. Imagine sipping a cold beverage with dear friends on your back patio while studying your plantings and pointing out new growth to your guests, or stargazing in the summer. Imagine a very long day’s work and strolling through your prized garden to unwind from a busy day. Imagine arriving home after dusk having looked forward to snatching a few fresh vegetables out of your garden for your dinner salad. The list goes on and on. But, because most of us have never had evening lighting on our grounds and garden, we can’t enjoy these at night. Now that you’ve imagined these, here are some ways Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern NJ can work with you to design the perfect garden lighting for your Northern NJ area home.

Flower bed lighting

Your flowering beds are at a variety of heights. The density of the flora in your flower beds varies from bed to bed. The shapes of the beds are planned to meander or mosey from one to another along property lines or the lines of your outdoor living areas. Lighting all the facets of your garden requires the trained eye of a professional and experienced outdoor lighting designer. What lighting should be set close to the ground to illuminate some flowers from below? What lighting fixtures should grace the outskirts of the beds helping them meander through their carefully planned patterns? When it comes to designing custom LED garden lighting specifically for your home and grounds, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern NJ has the expertise and the experience.

Focal garden lighting

A single tree becomes a focal point drawing the eye in this Hunterdon County, NJ backyard

As a gardener or with your landscaper, you no doubt have focal areas. This may be a spectacular blooming flower or even a green plant that is beloved because of the leaf shapes or the delicate or dense nature of the plant. Just as these stand out during the day, they should stand out throughout the evening. Don’t forget that with well designed and installed lighting for your gardens, you can also enjoy them as you gaze out your kitchen window.

Shrubbery lighting

Shrubbery lighting performs a couple of functions. It outlines an area that it beautifies. It outlines paths, driveways, or the entrance to your front and other exterior doors. Shrubbery also often hides areas that are less visually attractive. You may have a low exposed brick foundation regularly splashed with some mud after the rain. Shrubbery deftly hides this unsightly area exposing and presenting solely the beautiful façade of your home. Sometimes shrubbery also provides safety for sure footing. Perhaps your patio is partially elevated and you don’t want your family members and guests to trip their way up or down. Perhaps your driveway narrows to a walkway or path and you want to make sure the veil of evening doesn’t cause tripping or wayward walking through mulch, dirt or mud. Without carefully designed garden lighting, your shrubbery could fail to accomplish its well-intentioned purpose.

Delicate tree lighting

An amazing river birch, staple of our beloved NJ landscape

If you have a Japanese maple or other ornamental tree in your yard, the veins of the delicate branch patterns or the rich diverse color in each leaf are mesmerizing during the day. But if you have a majestic row of evergreens, chestnuts or oaks bordering the garden, distinctive lighting will emphasize the depth of your garden allowing you to fully capture its intricacies and dimensions. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern NJ helps identify focal trees with gentle or powerful washes of light fitting the species and the volume that needs to be highlighted.

Love it but having trouble imagining it?

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern NJ we get it. We know how difficult it is to imagine what your prized areas would look like with evening lighting. That’s why we come out to your property and perform a free nighttime demonstration. We walk your grounds with you right before dusk. We then set up temporary fixtures according to the lighting design we fashioned. After dusk, we demonstrate your garden, shrub and tree illumination for you.

Give us a call now to schedule your free nighttime demonstration.