Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Our 9-point routine service ensures that your outdoor lighting system always looks and performs at its best.

Setting-the-timers-during-installationOur lighting maintenance program promotes long life for your outdoor lighting and saves you money in the long run. We call it Service and Maintenance Program (SMP), and it promises to keep your low voltage outdoor lighting system running at peak performance without taking any of your valuable time.

Is there a problem? Just sit back and relax, we will take care of it!

Think of your landscape lighting along the lines of your air conditioning or heating unit, which requires routine maintenance to run at peak efficiency. The same line of thought helps you to protect the investment you made in outdoor lighting and keeps your system in tip-top shape.

9-point routine service

Our experienced technicians will visit your home or business and will:

  • Check all connections and voltage levels at transformers and fixtures
  • Straighten and secure the fixtures
  • Reposition or relocate fixtures within 2’ as needed to accommodate landscape growth
  • Replace every Halogen lamps
  • Replace LED lamps as needed
  • Clean all lenses and lens covers
  • Rebury all exposed wires
  • Check timers and control systems
  • Trim plant overgrowth (with your permission!) around the fixtures for maximum light output and effect

Maintaining your outdoor lighting system regularly brings a great many benefits, including:

  • Maintaining or restoring the lighting effects as they were originally designed
  • Keeping your system running optimally
  • Extending the Halogen lamp warranty
  • Receiving priority response for service calls throughout the year
  • Receiving a 10% discount on additional fixtures installed during our visits

Contact us to set up your annual Service and Maintenance Program