Landscape Lighting

Our Northern New Jersey landscape is striking, majestic, and very dear to our hearts. A professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting décor will further enhance and define its unique features.



We never tire of creating exceptional custom lighting designs that enchant our Northern and Central New Jersey landscape. Each corner of your property possesses unique features and we thrive in understanding the personality of every garden and yard to enhance flair and ambiance to your liking with the application of stunning landscape lighting design.

Do you want to have a quiet conversation with friends? Do you watch the kids’ horseplay in the pool? Do you want to follow your dog’s errands in the evening hours?

LED landscape lighting gives you this and more.

We will consider your plant life. Old, massive oak, chestnuts, and maple trees will receive particular treatment; smaller burning bushes, or hydrangeas will call for a different type of fixtures; evergreens such as boxwoods, arborvitaes, hollies, Montgomery and other spruce species will deserve a specific year-round lighting. The placement of your landscape lights will have to be studied carefully in front or under tall grasses, which are mostly summer foliage.

Large rocks and boulders pushed over through our plains during the last glaciation periods are not uncommon and a treasured component of our properties. They also require special knowledge and lighting technique to shine without becoming overwhelming.

We create volumes and bisecting lines to let your eye flow freely from one focal point to the next. Light flies through the air creating ebbs and eddies. Our main goal is to capture these extreme opposites and to balance them artfully for you.

Take your seat and enjoy the show! Mother Nature is generous; under the stars and our lights. She’ll give it all.

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