New Jersey LED Patio Lighting

Patio lighting is essential as your patio is often the anchor point of your outdoor space. Great care must be brought to give you the precise amount of light, the correct type of light, and the appropriate fixtures to achieve your evening outdoor living objectives.

Patios are where friends meet, where your family convenes for relaxing meals and where you relax and enjoy the beauty of the night. All too often, we assume the festivities must move inside after dusk. Even if we have a couple tiki torches or other decorative elements that emit some light, those are never enough or don’t last enough for the sustained conversation and duration of quality time you want to spend outside. Outdoor patio lighting needs to be designed with purpose, function, and lifestyle in mind.

What constitutes great outdoor patio lighting? Soft, quiet ambiance? More functional lighting? Both?
Yes, both.

Think about the ways you enjoy your patio during the day. This may include soaking up some Vitamin D from the comfort of a lounge chair, kicking your feet up for an afternoon refreshment or using the space to keep an eye on the young ones in the back yard. At night, you would use your patio in a much different way. The light of the moon provides a dramatically different feel than the light of the sun. All of the sudden, your patio becomes the ultimate place for relaxation.

You will also want to use your patio to entertain and to enjoy meals and refreshments after dark. This may include watching a rousing sports game or entertaining for a relaxing evening of games or intimate conversation.

Our job is to translate these activities and experiences to the appropriate LED patio lighting to help you enjoy your time, safely go about your evening outdoor activities and maintain the safety of your family and guests during evening use.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern NJ, we create a novel LED outdoor patio lighting design for your unique New Jersey home and grounds. Each outdoor lighting fixture has a specific role and renders a particular lighting effect for the area and function. To fine tune the design, we fit the chosen fixtures with LED bulbs that have different intensity and beam spread for an optimum outcome.

This includes up-lighting to shape the landscape and define some volume; down-lighting to create a soft and relaxing ambiance for quiet conversation; or moonlighting to mirror year round the moon’s illumination.

In addition to your hardscape or paver patio lighting, it’s important to illuminate the paths leading to and from your patio, the entrance and exit to your patio, the retaining walls, and any outdoor structures or living areas further out on your property. Outdoor patio lights can make all the difference.

Let’s consider path lighting leading to and from your patio. If areas of your backyard are not illuminated, nobody will go there at night. If a pathway or walkway leads from your patio to your pool, path illumination is critical. Illuminating this pathway can include copper path lights that patina beautifully over time. If there are low plantings lining your paths, we may illuminate that natural border to the cobble, paver or concrete paths in your yard. This serves the added benefit of ensuring your beloved plantings don’t get trampled at night due to low lighting. If trees accent your pathways, gently illuminating those trees accomplishes the task of safe footing on your backyard pathways.

Lighting the entrance and exit to your patio is critical for safety reasons. Often there are one or two steps leading to your patio or hardscape. Not only do you want to ensure safe footing for all who use the space, but you especially want to consider those family members and guests that may be distracted carrying trays, running after pets, or who might otherwise miss the steps. Based on the layout of your outdoor living space and how it is used, we make sure to properly illuminate those steps and stairs.

If your hardscape includes any retaining walls, those walls often serve the purpose of additional seating. It’s wise to ensure these areas are properly illuminated to maximize the capacity in your space. In addition, retaining walls are often faced with beautiful stones or other veneers. Creatively designed outdoor patio lighting enhances the beauty of your vertical walls and pillars.

Finally, there are your other hardscaped outdoor living areas. Do you have an outdoor fireplace? An outdoor kitchen? A custom fire pit? Make sure that not a minute of evening enjoyment is lost when the sun goes down.

Utilizing LED patio lights is critical. LED outdoor lighting is energy efficient and tremendously long lasting. Don’t be saddled with having to regularly replace bulbs or paying too much for outdoor lighting. LED patio lighting takes care of both of these objectives for you.

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