Outdoor Path Lighting

Beauty… Security… Peace of mind… amble along with a personalized custom path lighting design for your home.

Paths, walkways can be tricky and you need a real expert who does nothing but outdoor lighting to avoid the “runway look” very often associated with pathway lighting.

Less is best – Almost always!

Whenever possible, we use light reflected from the house or from other landscape features to illuminate your pathways or we stagger the fixtures to eliminate the unsightly look of pathway lights in a straight line. In other settings, we will choose to illuminate a bush and the pathway with the same fixture to create a volume more appealing to the eye.

For us, outdoor lighting is artistry: we define focal points and then let the light (the eye) travel smoothly from one to the next. And of course, the design develops itself right in front of your eyes; while we listen to you to make sure we meet your safety and security requirements.

Call us; we will create your own personalized design that will answer your particular needs.


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