Outdoor Architectural Lighting

Let us transform your home’s exterior with a unique, custom design.

No doubt outdoor lighting conveys warmth, making your home inviting. It also enhances the overall security on and around your property and it allows you to negotiate freely the steps, pathways, or other hurdles. What might be an issue in the dark, transforms itself in a beautiful décor simple and easy to navigate with proper lighting.

We are home lighting experts and we would very much enjoy sharing some of our creative design ideas with you. We never tire of creating exceptional custom lighting designs that illuminate the home of our customers and provide an amazing nighttime aesthetic.

Outdoor lighting is our specialty and we approach each project separately. One innovative way to take residential lighting to a new level is to fit the fixtures with a variety of bulbs to create a very specific lighting effect. We would not use the same fixtures or the same bulbs for columns, nooks, gables, or peaks; similarly stone walls do not call for the same intensity and beam width than cedar siding.

We have a vast array of options at our disposal; this is what makes this type of design so much fun! For example, we may use well light fixtures on façades or walls, or mount spotlights higher up to reach corners and peaks that otherwise would remain obscured. Alternatively, we can mount specialty spotlights on stakes, or install lights on walls to illuminate particular areas, highlighting your favorite spot.

We promise you an end result you’ll be thrilled with and we believe you will enjoy the entire design process, as it is creative, inspiring, and… fun!

Your project is unique, as unique as your home. Let us bring your dreams to light!

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