Outdoor Lighting Controls and Timers

Control your lights from the comfort of your home.

IlluminateThe systems we install can be controlled in a variety of ways.
With your system is included a “smart” astronomical timer that adjusts automatically to daily time change and Daylight Saving Time. We program the ON/OFF times for you so the lights come on at dusk and turn off when you want them to do so.

We also offer an exclusive Lighting Control Automation (LCA) system that allows you to control your indoor and outdoor lights form the comfort of your home. Homeowners frequently request the ability to turn some of their landscape lights on and off from inside their home. LCA offers this option, without the expense of new electrical work. An LCA smart-timer offers “hands free” adjustment of your indoor and outdoor lighting throughout the year, with the capability of up to 99 different programs. And your home’s LCA is modular: it can start small and grow over time.

Besides the automatic adjustments, this state-of-the-art device can control any other lights inside or outside your home. For example, we can tie your porch sconces, your overhead lights, or your garage coach lights to our low voltage lighting system to give you complete timing and intensity control and to fully harmonize your various outdoor living spaces.