Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Architectural and Landscape lighting solutions in Northern and Central New Jersey

Outdoor lighting expands living spaceBroadenWe know how to create beauty, serenity, quietness, and drama to outdoor spaces for your nighttime enjoyment. Being a full-service outdoor lighting company, our low voltage systems come with complete peace of mind. For us, each project is unique: from residential properties to resorts and hotels, we enhance the ambiance and functionality of your outdoor spaces for entertaining or simply relaxing.

During the holidays, our creative displays add festive beauty, leaving you more time to fully enjoy the spirit of the season.

Our 9-point routine service keeps your low voltage lighting in perfect working order and maintains the lighting effect as it was originally designed.

You can turn your lights On and Off at the push of a button, from the comfort of your home.

And we install high quality LED bulbs, which dramatically reduce your running and maintenance costs without affecting the softness of the design.