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Should you buy your outdoor lighting from big box stores?

By the time the holiday season is over, most of us will have made at least one trip to Lowes, Home Depot or the closest big box or home improvement store. You can get just about anything you need to … Read More

The 4 holiday gifts you shouldn’t give to your spouse and one of the best ideas you’ll ever hear

We’ve all been there. You’ve been married a number of years. In years past, you could come up with any number of amazing gift ideas. They were likely very creative ideas that required loads of thought and planning.

Let’s face … Read More

Snow proofing your NJ yard and your outdoor lighting system

In New Jersey, some of us have a love-hate relationship with snow. It’s beautiful to wake up and gaze out at a glistening blanket of snow. Gently falling flakes create a flawless romantic effect when gazing out the window from … Read More

Is it time? Is it time to update or upgrade your old NJ outdoor lighting system?

Is your New Jersey outdoor lighting system not working?

If your New Jersey outdoor lighting system is in need of repair, we can promise you an honest assessment of whether you should repair, modify, upgrade, or replace your system. If … Read More

Lighting outdoor stone – a guide from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern NJ

Do you have a custom outdoor fireplace in your backyard or is it something you’re planning on adding to your property? How about an outdoor kitchen or bar?

Take a look at Houzz, Pinterest, or any upscale outdoor living publication … Read More

There are many different types of Christmas holiday outdoor lighting. You’ll only find one type with Outdoor lighting Perspectives.

Look around any department store, big box store or specialty store at the assortment of Christmas holiday decorations. At a department store, you will likely see a lighted plastic figurine that’s several feet tall standing right next to Spode’s or … Read More

What’s the best way to create seasonal magic with lighting?

The seasons are changing. Winter will soon be filling the air with its cooler temperatures and snowy skies. With winter comes longer nights and many reasons to celebrate and gather. The season marks the beginning of a series of holidays … Read More

Art, passion, love, light.

An artistic vision makes sense. It is born out of what came before, a challenge embraced, an outcome better than the sum of its parts.

If you go to an art museum, there is a quiet and peaceful feel throughout. … Read More

It’s easier to work with a blank canvas when you’re working with a great partner

I’ve heard some people say that all they wish for is a blank canvas. A blank canvas sounds like a world full of opportunities – especially when it’s a large canvas. When designing outdoor lighting, it can make for a … Read More

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern NJ earns Angie’s List Super Service Award for 4th straight year

At the end of each year, Angie’s List evaluates companies and awards the best companies with their annual Super Service Award, Only about 5 percent of the landscape lighting companies in Northern NJ have performed so consistently well enough to … Read More