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Outdoor lighting needs to be more precise than you may think

When you’ve looked at homes that have beautiful outdoor lighting, it may seem that there isn’t much of a science or an art. After all, you can see the home at night and can also appreciate the beautiful landscaping because … Read More

Top 3 things you need your New Jersey tennis court lighting to do

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, some of our Northern NJ customers have a tennis court at their home. When it comes to tennis court lighting, there are really 3 important functions the lighting must accomplish.

  1. Find the court
  2. See the … Read More

Lighting your beautiful New Jersey Japanese Maple

If you close your eyes and think of a breathtaking tree, is there one in particular that comes to mind? If asked this question, you may think of a favorite for a number of different categories such as a favorite … Read More

Save the best and add the rest to your New Jersey landscape lighting system

We recently designed a landscape lighting system for a beautiful Somerset County home in Far Hills, NJ. The home had an older existing landscape lighting system and the homeowners had a couple objectives. They wanted to upgrade their lighting from … Read More

Sometimes it’s better to gently suggest than to state directly

Knowing this blog is about outdoor lighting, you may be quite curious about how suggestion and outdoor lighting work together. In fact, the title actually makes it seem as if this blog will be a lesson in manners. This blog is … Read More

Top 3 reasons this copper 1/2 path light outdoor lighting fixture is perfect for your NJ home

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern New Jersey, we seldom talk about outdoor lighting fixtures and for good reason. Great outdoor lighting is not about the lights, it’s about the lighting. It’s about artistry and how depth, texture and intended … Read More

Is LED as good as they say? The top 7 questions Northern NJ homeowners as about their LED outside lights.

Sometimes there are new technologies that just seem too good to be true. LED bulbs last seemingly forever. From what we’ve heard, they take a minuscule amount of energy to run. They save us on energy bills. They are good … Read More

Key Considerations when selecting outdoor lighting for your New Jersey shore home

The New Jersey Shore is a statewide treasure, an esteemed area for homeowners and even a cultural icon. Steeped in history, it has inspired more than a few poets and musicians and has provided the scenery for many movies. It … Read More

What happens when the sun sets over your New Jersey gazebo?

Gazebos invite images of relaxation, family gatherings and stress free afternoons. Often, the soothing green lawn surrounding the gazebo is complemented by colorful flowers in full bloom. It’s easy to understand why gazebos are a preferred location for weddings and other … Read More

Sometimes we only see what we want to see

We’ve all heard the phrase that some people only see what they want to see. This typically negative reference infers people are avoiding something unpleasant. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern New Jersey, this is exactly what we strive … Read More

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