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Shorter Days Are a Perfect Opportunity to Create Magical Nights with New Jersey Outdoor Lighting

As the days grow shorter, it is inevitable a time change is coming soon. November 6th at 2 am marks the end of 2016’s daylight savings time. If you’re already thinking the sun is setting awfully early, you’re likely not … Read More

New Jersey Party Lights: A Timeless Classic Becomes the Must-Have Outdoor Living Accessory of 2016

Just because it is September, doesn’t mean it is time to go inside and stay for the winter. Fall is a perfect season to spend on the deck, patio or in the backyard. With cool nights and warm days, … Read More

Plan Today for Brilliant New Jersey Holiday Outdoor Lighting

Labor Day has passed and crisp September mornings are giving us some relief from the heat of summer. Soon we’ll be picking apples and carving pumpkins. While we realize you may not be thinking about the holidays yet, there is … Read More

Landscape Lighting Enhances Your Life, Your Home and Future Buyers Will Love it Too!

Making your house a home may require a variety of small, medium and large renovation projects. While paint and furniture for the interior is an obvious quick adjustment, larger projects are often a necessity to achieve your dream outdoor living … Read More

Do you need outdoor lighting for your NJ commercial property?

Commercial outdoor lighting for your New Jersey facility

Whether your commercial venue is in an area that receives a lot of foot traffic or whether it is in a remote location, outdoor lighting is a must. Outdoor lighting not only … Read More

A photo idea blog for your New Jersey LED patio lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern NJ

Depending on your patio, where it’s situated in your yard, and how you use it, you may want to consider making your beloved outdoor space suitable for evening entertainment and enjoyment. What does it take to make a fabulous space suitable … Read More

Is your New Jersey garden ready for landscaping lighting?

It’s that time of year. As an avid gardener, you awaken to sunny mornings with visions of colorful perennials: begonias, chrysanthemums, marigolds, daisies, geraniums, snapdragons, zinnias. You look forward to your hard-worked gardens coming to life this summer. You think about … Read More

Top 4 reasons you should add hospitality outdoor lighting to your NJ business

If your New Jersey business serves nighttime customers, you must have quality outdoor lighting for 4 key reasons:

  1. Enhance curb appeal
  2. Elevate the guest experience
  3. Increase safety and security
  4. Realize greater energy and maintenance savings

1) Enhance curb appeal

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When it comes to selecting a NJ home improvement contractor, it pays to do your research

It’s difficult to remember a time when we couldn’t easily read a hand-full of book reviews and get a sneak preview before even buying a book. In fact, as far as book buying goes, it’s possible you can make a more … Read More

Should you buy your outdoor lighting from big box stores?

By the time the holiday season is over, most of us will have made at least one trip to Lowes, Home Depot or the closest big box or home improvement store. You can get just about anything you need to … Read More