August 19, 2017

LED Outdoor Lighting: What does it cost to run?

LED has taken over the landscape and outdoor lighting industry in New Jersey and across the United States. While you may be familiar with the energy efficiency of low-voltage outdoor lighting (Halogen), you may not realize LED is exponentially more efficient. In fact, LED outdoor lighting uses 80% less energy than Halogen and looks fantastic!

Outdoor Lighting for Less Than a Latte

So what does it cost to run an LED outdoor lighting or LED landscape lighting system? Let’s take a look at the numbers on the average system. If an average residential LED outdoor lighting system includes 20 lights, it should cost just over $3 a month in electricity costs.

LED Math

While electricity costs vary, we can plan for about 16 cents per kilowatt hour here in New Jersey. With a 7 watt LED light running for about 5 hours per night, we use 1.05 kWh per light per month. With a 20 light system that adds up to a total of 21 kWh per month. The math tells us that will cost $3.36 per month in electricity for the priceless beauty the system adds to our home and property.

LED Outdoor Lighting Energy Use Can Vary

While we simplified the example system to contain all 7-Watt lights, our custom designs may lead to your system containing a few 12-Watt LED outdoor lights, depending on your needs. The cost difference would be minimal if that were the case given an entire system of 12-Watt lights would only run $5.76 per month.

Julie & Larry Califano; owners, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern New Jersey

If you need lighting for your property, we have the best eco-friendly, energy-efficient outdoor lighting on the market. If you already have lighting but are spending a great deal more to run it, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern New Jersey today, we offer outdoor lighting LED retrofits that will help you meet your energy-saving and cost-saving goals this year. 973-486-0819

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