Outdoor Living Spaces

Play, rest, enjoy a glass of wine or a lively conversation with family and friends. All that and more when you increase your outdoor living spaces with professionally designed outdoor lighting.

Moonlighting-on-a-patio,-Northern-NJThe fewer, the better…

The strongest lighting statements are most often soft, quiet, under toned, and subtle. Our designs create solutions that beautifully illuminate and accentuate your outdoor living spaces without ever being overpowering. Ask us how we would maximize the usable square footage of your home, or open up new sections of your deck, porch, patio, or gazebo for nighttime entertaining.

You need a trained and experienced professional to understand your goals and objectives:

  • How do you want to use the deck or the patio?
  • Where do you sit?
  • Do you need to keep an eye on the kids while they play in the pool?
  • Do you fancy a nighttime stroll through the bushes?
  • What about stargazing while sipping a glass of wine?

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern and Central New Jersey, our first task is to listen to you so we can base the solutions we offer on your aspirations (and your budget!).

Proper lighting on your patio or in your backyard is important: it does increase your sense of security for you, for your family, for your guests.

At night, objects, forms, and colors take on a life of their own.

Lighting makes them sing in harmony and we are the painter with his brush creating ebbs and flows, moving smoothly from one accent to the next, favoring this area rather than that one.

By nature, all elements live and stand side by side without ever really touching. We love using light to blur these boundaries and to bring all elements to function as a whole. We use a combination of artistry, technique, and experience. Reflection is light’s way of making the world more blended. By using reflective light, we create captivating scenes that remind us everything is connected.

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