Awesome, amazing, stunning, beautiful… outdoor lighting brings a completely new dimension to your home and your property. A new dimension you’ll be proud to share and happy to enjoy.

Our deck lights reveal the wood grain  and define this beautiful deck

Just imagine… it’s a cold November evening… how inviting would it be to come back after a harrowing day at work to a softly lit home, whose architectural and landscape features are revealed with cleverly designed outdoor lighting?

Architectural lighting, landscape lighting, gardens, yards, patios, decks, ponds, we always choose our fixtures depending on the exact purpose and effect we envision. We might select a wide soft beam to softly wash the walls, or a stronger and narrower beam to focus on a cascade or waterfall. Or we may install deck lights attached to the railing of your patio to allow you to fully use the deck. Other lights could be installed among rocks to accentuate a particular area, define volumes, or emphasize the depth of field of the space.

Each feature we light is unique, and it is important to consider all elements that are contributing to the overall effect. Such elements include architectural details, hardscape areas, foliage, flowers, trees, or nearby sitting areas. It is also important when lighting the foliage and trees around the feature to consider whether these plants are evergreen or seasonal and if there is a pond or other water pool nearby. All this helps us to choose the right fixtures and to position them accurately.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives does the ground work; the enjoyment is yours!

Let us bring your dreams to light!