There is a secret place in your backyard; let us bring it to light!

Our pathway fixtures leading to a beautifully illuminated garden in NJ

Being so personal, your landscape is one of the most distinctive features of your home. It is lovely, and because you spend quality time nurturing it, you most certainly have a favorite corner. This secret place may be a grove of pine trees, a path swiveling underneath the branches of ancient oaks, a hidden bench where you like to rest after a frantic day, or simply a beautiful arrangement of boxwoods and Mayberry bushes.

Whatever that is, we will give you the magic.

…And your enjoyment will continue after the sun has gone down.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern and Central New Jersey, we thrive to make the most of your landscape with professional landscape lighting tailored to your aspirations. We set the mood as you’ve dreamt it – trees, gardens, patios, fountains, pathways, statues, ponds, any of the major features of your landscape suddenly shine under a brand new light.

Northern New Jersey landscape is unique, striking, and majestic. From ancient forests of spreading oaks, chestnuts, or maples to the smaller, fiery burning bush, we take pride in the beauty and variety of our indigenous plant life. Additionally, large rocks and boulders, exposed or pushed over through our plains during the last glaciation period are not uncommon and they are a treasured component of our properties.

Consider your plant life. Old, massive trees have sprawling branches, large crowns, and textured trunks. Fixtures placed even a few inches off can mean the difference between beautiful and poor illumination. Large rocks and boulders also need special techniques, fixtures, and knowledge in order to produce the best lighting effect. If you have several large rocks, we may choose to highlight a particularly striking one, leaving others in shadow to further create or emphasize the volumes.

Whatever your situation, we offer solutions and you can be confident that we install the highest quality fixtures available today in the industry. The solid copper and brass of our path lights and spot lights will patina over time and blend perfectly in your landscape.

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