Curb Appeal

Indulge yourself… enrich the exterior of your home with outdoor architectural and landscape lighting.

Majestic brick facade with balcony
At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern and Central New Jersey, we know that coming back to a dark home when the days shorten can be dreadful. We can help. Outdoor lighting increases the security around your home. You now can negotiate these slightly uneven stairs, or insert the key in your front door lock without wishing you had an extra hand!

But outdoor lighting is a lot more: it is also one of the most effective ways to add beauty and value to your home. We are America’s most trusted residential outdoor lighting specialists and the confidence gained through our years of experience will allow us to tailor the design to your needs, mixing artistry and functionality to give you a unique design, as unique as your home; a design that you will be proud to showcase night after night.

We use the best quality materials and components available today: our handcrafted corrosion-free copper and brass fixtures are made to withstand the harshest New Jersey winters. We know that the secret to a stunning outdoor illumination is in the perfect placement of the lighting fixtures and in the rigorous choice of beam spread and intensity. Nothing can be left to chance; nothing can be just about, or more or less; everything must be designed to be just right.

When the design is just right, your home reaches its full potential, and nothing prevents you from enjoying it year-round.

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