August 31, 2017

Exude the Holiday Spirit with Northern & Central New Jersey Professional Outdoor Holiday Lighting Services

Christmas? Hanukkah? Why are you talking about the holidays already? I am not ready yet!

I know, we are not ready either. But getting ready is why we must mention it. We are offering New Jersey holiday lighting services for your home or business, to take one big thing off your holiday to-do list. The catch? You need to sign up with us soon. We have limited spaces and we need time to design, order, and install outdoor holiday lighting before Thanksgiving.

What do Professional Outdoor Holiday Lighting Services Include?

The best part about our custom holiday lighting is that you don’t have to untangle lights, climb ladders, or even give it a ton of thought. From school starting to Halloween, to Thanksgiving, the Fall is a busy time of year. Next thing you know the holidays are here and you are in the thick of a lengthy list of tasks to complete and events to attend.

We’ll get you out ahead of this busy season by scheduling a design consultation with you, now! The consultation will allow us to know what you want and we can begin the design and order the supplies.

We’ll put your holiday lighting installation on the schedule now, so you’ll beat the crowd for preferred timing.

Our team will meticulously install your outdoor holiday lighting and décor. The results will amaze. No drooping lines, no mismatched colors or last minute runs to the store for one more strand. You don’t even have to be home if you don’t want.

We’ll get your system set-up on a timer to run when you want them to run. And our premium LED holiday lights will use very little electricity and offer premium durability in the harsh winter weather.

Don’t Forget the Holiday Lighting Take Down

Most of our holiday lighting clients really get a kick out of not having to take the lights down. For some do-it-yourselfers, installation can be fun and put you in the holiday spirit. But by the time the holidays are over, the task of getting outside in the cold weather to take lights down requires a great deal of ambition that has long been spent.

Julie & Larry Califano; owners, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern New Jersey

If you hire Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern New Jersey for your Christmas lighting needs, we’ll take them down for you. We’ll carefully pack all of your outdoor decorations and store them in our facility for the summer. You won’t have to worry about a thing!

Remember, spaces are limited so don’t wait. Call today before the holidays creep up on you. We look forward to working with you! 973-486-0819

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