June 30, 2017

Beautiful Blooms Shine with New Jersey Garden Lighting

Five Ways To Help Your Garden Glow All Summer Long

Summer is finally in full bloom! You’ve spent all winter dreaming of it, and all spring toiling over it, but summer is here and your beautiful flowers are on display. As you soak up every minute you can in your garden during the day, have you considered making it a nighttime retreat as well? New Jersey garden lighting is a wonderful way to maximize the enjoyment of the short NJ flower season.

We offer the top five ways to help make your garden shine this summer:

Floral Landscape Lighting

Add landscape lighting in strategic areas near your favorite blooms for nighttime magic. Reds will be redder, pinks more vibrant, and greens truer than their daytime washed out look. And with gorgeous shadows, you’ll see depth you never noticed before.

Focal Lighting

Everyone has a fun accessory or favorite bloom on their property. Whether it is a large garden arbor, water feature, statue, or a prized hydrangea, a focal light to draw the eye quickly the best thing in the garden is sure to add intrigue at night.

Shrubs Deserve More Credit

While the flowers get all the attention, shrubs do the job of filling in large open areas with beautiful greens, reds, plums, and yellows for a diverse garden that has color year round. Don’t forget to highlight your favorites or even the space in between, with professional, LED landscape lighting.

Secret Garden Pathways

Magical pathways wind around your property guiding visitors to the magic that exists in the entire space. With properly designed path lighting, you can add magic and a warm welcome for nighttime enjoyment of all of your garden’s best features near and far.

Pools, Patios, Decks, and Porches

Not technically a garden feature, your outdoor living spaces deserve some nighttime illumination too. After all, some of the best vantage points of your new garden lighting system will be from these spaces, so they need a little ambient outdoor lighting too! From subtle and sleek to fun and festive, we have all of the best outdoor lighting applications for your New Jersey outdoor living spaces.

Julie & Larry Califano; owners, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern New Jersey

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