Importance of Design

A well-conceived outdoor lighting design is essential.

RelaxAnyone (well… almost anyone!) can install outdoor lighting and put fixtures in the ground, as almost anyone can build an addition to a home or handle repairs on a car. But Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern and Central New Jersey applies proven outdoor, architectural, and landscape lighting design principles that bring harmony, safety, and security to your outdoor living spaces.

We do not use paint or clay; rather our element is the Light. We use it to create and define the volumes and the shapes of the subjects in 3 dimensions. To truly create beautiful lighting, we must consider the existing elements (view this as the raw data) as any visual artist would – light, shadow, perspective, color, symmetry or asymmetry, line, texture – and transcend them into a unique tableau (the final composition).

As artists, we take pride in our work and joy in transforming our client’s home. For us, each project is unique, as unique as your home.