Every home is unique; furthermore, every homeowner is absolutely unique. We truly believe that 2 projects are never totally identical. We always invest a lot of time and effort in understanding YOUR goal, your ideas, and your budget.

The only way to truly envision the warmth and the richness outdoor lighting brings to your home, is to experience it. For us, “Seeing is Believing.” You may trust us, but the best way to be totally convinced is to physically experience the final product.

You will share your ideas for aesthetics and security and this will help us create the perfect outdoor lighting design for your home. The Design Consultation is free and with no obligation.

Before getting started, we will discuss what you would like your new lighting to accomplish… what features you’d like to highlight… the mood you’d like to set…

At the end, you will be like some of our clients whose home we’ve transformed with outdoor lighting: you’ll miss your house on the street because you won’t recognize it… We are confident the final result will amaze you. Call us or fill out the form below to schedule your free outdoor lighting consultation.