Design Ideas

A well-conceived outdoor lighting design is always born from an original idea.

This idea can be a spectacular feature of your home that you dearly cherish, or your desire to enjoy the long summer nights outside, or simply to share a glass of wine with your friends.

Whatever the idea (which is in fact the goal you are pursuing when you consider adding an outdoor lighting system), the finished product will reflect your initial thought.

  • Do you want to emphasize the architecture of your home?
  • Do you wish you could keep an eye on the kids when they play in the pool? Or when they perform somersaults in the lawn?
  • Do you need to follow the dog around at night when he runs errands?
  • Do you savor quiet and fulfilling conversation with dear friends?
  • What about sunset walks in the backyard?
  • Is your home dreary and frightful at night when you come back from work in late fall and winter?

Browse through our Design Gallery to view how we’ve transformed so many of the finest Northern and Central New Jersey homes.

Yours may benefit from the same transformation. We are outdoor lighting experts, from design to installation and beyond. We promise you we will listen, understand, and translate your ideas to bring your dreams to light.