Outdoor Lighting Design Experts

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern and Central New Jersey specializes in outdoor, architectural, and landscape lighting.



Outdoor lighting is our specialty.

This is all we do and over the years, we acquired an unparalleled knowledge and experience that we apply daily in the field.

However, it all begins will a well-conceived design. We are first and foremost artists and this particularity brings uniqueness to the designs we create.

See the efforts we invest into analyzing a property and producing outdoor lighting that truly bring its various elements together – as an artist would create a composition.

From the importance of a well thought-through design, to the absolute necessity to adapt the design to the raw elements available on the property, to your own taste and ideas, or more prosaically to the restrictions imposed by a strict budget schedule, we will listen to you and finalize a design you will be really proud of.

View us as a Renaissance painter working on a commissioned work… the subject exists, you know the budget, but… the artist’s flair and cachet is essential to create a masterpiece.

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