Lighting for Visibility and Notice

Establishment Entrance Lighting for Your NJ Venue

Bridgewater Manor NJ romantic evening outdoor lightingThe path to your door is a welcome. It says hello before you do. It may be the only welcoming call to visit and stay a while at your establishment. You have likely invested significantly not only in landscaping but in keeping your landscaping in pristine shape. You put great thought into the street-side sign for your business. Illuminating the landscaping along your front path and with the architectural elements that surround your entrance are critical to inviting, welcoming and ushering in nighttime patrons.

Sign Lighting for Your New Jersey Business


Do you have a lot of foot traffic? Is your business along a busy road or a highway? Are there obstructions to finding or noticing your facility such as landscaping, trees or even other businesses? Might a new customer be more attracted to the business next door that is easier to find at night? Properly illuminating your sign is critical to make sure none of your intended business is lost because you can’t be easily found and seen after dark.


New Jersey Building Entrance Outdoor Lighting

A welcoming sign for the wary traveler at the Comfort Inn and Suite in Paramus, NJHave you ever arrived at the front door of a place you have not visited before only to keep going upon seeing it? What a terrible mistake for a business owner or property manager. You’ve likely invested a tremendous amount of time, attention and money in soliciting those visitors and guests. If your place of business is not welcoming at night, you may lose those very customers you worked so hard to attract and gain.