New Jersey Commercial Outdoor Lighting

If you are a commercial establishment that relies on evening patronage for the success of your business, you know that outdoor lighting is indispensable.

Lighting for Visibility


If people cannot easily see and find your business at night, your success in getting those customers to the door is dramatically reduced. If your sign is not visible after the veil of darkness, many people will go to the establishment that is more visible.

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Safety and Security


Don’t forget the importance of ushering all safely to your door. If your hotel or Bed & Breakfast has a warm, welcome and cozy feeling during the day; that will be completely lost at night without warm lighting to guide your guests around with the feeling of safety.

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Venues and Hospitality

A fine conversion from a barn to a event place, ideal for weddings and conventions

If you have a terrific venue such as a NJ wedding or bar/bat mitzvah venue, wouldn’t it be great to double the time you can keep your doors open by having lighting for evening fêtes? How about curb appeal when your restaurant or coffee shop is in a row of other restaurants and eateries?

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Commercial Façade Lighting

Does your business call a unique or interesting building home? Is it in the main stretch of downtown or a particularly loved landmark? Illuminating the architectural features of your building is a great way to bring light to the community while guiding evening guests in and making nighttime passersby notice.

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern NJ provides a full suite of outdoor lighting solutions for commercial venues as well as for residential homes and estates.

In addition to ensuring your business or venue achieves the proper visibility and noticeability whether on a busy street or off the beaten path, our commercial outdoor lighting offers…

Finest commercial fixtures on the market

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, not only do we have a dedicated manufacturing relationship with a custom fixture manufacturer but we also have access to an unlimited array of commercial fixtures to suit your specific needs. Our designs take into account working with all of your existing lighting both from a fixture perspective and also from an automation perspective.

Outdoor lighting automation for your commercial venue

We know our lighting won’t be the only outdoor lighting you have at your venue. Perhaps you are adding to existing lighting or maybe you are switching out older fixtures for new. Our lighting is designed and will be engineered to work with your existing lighting controls to ensure seamless control automation.

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