April 21, 2017

New Jersey Hardscape Lighting for Luxurious Outdoor Living at Night

A luxurious retreat can be created right in your own backyard with the right design touches. Add hardscape lighting to your patio and other stonework.

Hardscape Lighting is a Beautiful Addition to Any Outdoor Living Space

When it comes to outdoor lighting, landscape lighting is the most popular style. Did you know that we also offer hardscape lighting? With the use of stone, brick, and concrete pavers on the rise, hardscape lighting has become more popular for highlighting the beautiful stone masonry work on your property. From seating walls and outdoor kitchens to large paver patios, we can illuminate all of your hardscapes for a nighttime getaway, every day at home!

Vertical Stone Structures

Illuminating the stone work in your backyard creates a lovely ambiance for outdoor living and entertaining. It also highlights the depth and texture of all of your stone, brick, and paver features.

Outdoor kitchens can benefit from under-mounted counter lighting. Washing down the stone veneer, you’ll gain a modern look and easy visibility after dark.

Sitting walls and outdoor fireplaces are enjoyed most at night. You may think the fire itself provides enough light, but what about when the fire is not on? Vertical structures could make navigating the yard treacherous without lighting. Adding hardscape lights will allow you to see where you set your drink while sitting around the fire while also ensuring your safe arrival back indoors after the fire is snuffed.

Paver & Brick Patios

Natural stone, brick, and paver patios are modern popular choices for today’s patio surfaces. Each type offers its own unique coloring, shape, texture and design. With lighting around the perimeter or in the vertical borders, each variation of color in your Travertine or texture in your pavers will be visible for nighttime enjoyment.

Hardscape lighting installation is for existing or new projects. If you are in the building process now or will be soon, call us now, we’ll work with your contractor to complete important steps during the building process to make installation cleaner and easier so you don’t have to withstand an extension of the construction mess for us to put your lighting in place.

Julie & Larry Califano; owners, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern New Jersey

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern New Jersey, we believe you’ll be so impressed with our hardscape lighting design that we offer a complimentary nighttime demonstration. Call 973-486-0819 or contact us today!

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