July 28, 2017

Central New Jersey Exterior Home Lighting: Show Off Your Property’s Favorite Features

When you think of illuminating the exterior of your New Jersey home, do you think of the house itself, the landscaping, the outdoor living spaces, or some combination? While there is a distinction between architectural lighting (which illuminates the features of your house), landscape lighting (which illuminates the landscape surrounding your home), and lighting for outdoor living spaces (deck lighting, patio lighting or pool lighting) the three combined add up to beautiful exterior home lighting that adds to your nighttime curb appeal and outdoor function.

Central New Jersey Architectural Lighting

Using a combination of spot lights and wash lights, we will illuminate the surfaces of your home’s exterior facade. The subtle lighting effects provide just enough light to make your home stand out from the crowd while allowing for visibility at night. While architectural lighting is functional, most homeowners love it for the beauty it adds to their home after dark. For more, check out our architectural lighting page.

Central New Jersey Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a broad term that includes any lighting effect that illuminates an item in your landscape. This can include trees, statues, shrubbery, flowers, and more. We use path lights, uplights, and spot lights to create a custom effect to fit your landscapes unique features. You can choose between low-voltage or LED landscape lighting, but almost everyone prefers LED these days, it uses 80% less energy, and they look phenomenal. View our landscape lighting page to learn more about landscape lighting for your home.

Central New Jersey Outdoor Living Lighting

Pools, decks, and patios are how homeowners create enjoyable retreats right in their own backyards. By creating fun and relaxing spaces, they set themselves up for spending more time outdoors. To extend the enjoyment of these favorite backyard spaces, we offer deck lighting, patio lighting, pool lighting for nighttime use. From integrated deck lighting and hardscape lights to festive string lighting over your space, there is a perfect lighting solution to fit your needs. Check out our home illumination page for more information about exterior home lights for all of your outdoor living spaces.

Julie & Larry Califano; owners, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern New Jersey

If you’re ready to let your home shine at night, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern New Jersey today for a design consultation. 973.486.0818 – We create custom exterior home lighting packages to meet your specific needs.

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