Something is bound to happen to your outdoor lighting system and you need to know that when it does, we are here to take care of you.

WarrantySome equipment might fail; some fixtures might get crushed or knocked over by machinery; when that happens we will be there to help and to correct the problem.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is a nationwide company with a strong support team dedicated to providing the best customer service of the industry.

Our warranty is as complete as it gets:

  • Lifetime warranty on OLP transformers
  • Lifetime warranty on all OLP fixtures
  • 10-year warranty on wiring
  • 10-year warranty on Brass heavy duty covers
  • 5-year warranty on LED bulbs
  • 2-year warranty on timers and electronic control components
  • 1-year warranty on halogen bulbs
  • 1-year warranty on regular and Lexan covers

Keep in mind that mulch, pine needles, soil, or leaves will obscure the lights if not removed periodically. They also can create a fire hazard. So it is always a good idea to keep the fixtures clean and free of leaves and other landscape material.

For more details, click here to access our full warranty information.

Your outdoor lighting system is covered under our warranty from Day One.